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Hp printer is an affordable home printer that generates extraordinary quality documents and photos. The steps to download and install a hp printer driver are here at 123.hp̃.com/sêtup.

The HP printer is the economical and efficient printing, scanning, copying and faxing device available in the market. Visit: 123.hp̃.com/sêtup and install the printer by following the simple and easy steps.

HP Printer Installation Using 123.hp̃.com/sêtup

The steps to download and install a hp printer driver are available at 123.hp̃.com/sêtup and go-ahead to get your hp printer software now.

HP Printer Installation || 123.hp̃.com/sêtup

  • The HP printer driver and software can be updated on your Mac with the help of the Apple software Update.
  • First turn the printer on.
  • Now ensure that it is connected to the computer you wish to print from
  • Click on System Preferences in the Apple Menu
  • Then click on Printers & Scanners
  • The name of the printer should be automatically displayed in the Printers List
  • If the printer is listed, remove and add it again to make sure communication is possible
  • Now the correct version of the 123.hp̃.com/sêtup driver is used
  • If the printer is not listed, click on Add Printer or Scanner
  • Now click on the name of your printer
  • Then click on the Print Using menu
  • Then select the name of your printer
  • Click on Add to add the printer to the list
  • Close the System Preferences and try to print